Stationary Hors d' oeuvre:
10 person minimum
Specialty Cheese Selection
A delicious display of imported and domestic cheeses surrounded by country style breads, flatbreads and crackers.
$4.25 per person
Traditional Crisp Vegetable Crudites
Cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, mini carrots, green, red and yellow peppers, and celery with a creamy veggie dip
$2.95 per person
Antipasto Platter
Genoa salami, prosciutto, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, herbed mushrooms, roasted red peppers and olives served with an assortment of flat breads.
$3.75 per person
Mediterranean Platter
Hummus, baba ghanoush and tabbouleh served with Kalamata olives,capers, red onion, fresh lemon, parsley and an assortment of chips, flat breads and pitas.
$2.75 per person
Tortilla and Pitas
Served with fresh guac, salsa, chipotle and sour cream.
$2.00 per person
Mini Sandwiches
Deli meats,roasted chicken, sandwich fillings, served on the fresh gourmet rolls and breads.
$2.95 each
Cheese Ball
Cream cheese, herbs and sharp cheddar rolled in walnuts and served with crispy rice crackers.
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
with toasted ciabatta chips and rice crackers.
$16.95 6-8
Sushi Presentation
an assortment of fresh fish and veggie Maki and Negiri displayed with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce
$150.00 20-25 people