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Salad Dressings: Raspberry/ Strawberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Italian and French.
House Salad
Crisp leaf and iceberg lettuce topped with fresh seasonal veggies.
$3.25 per person.  Add To Order
Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach, crisp bacon, sliced mushroom, red onion, boiled eggs, parm and mandarin oranges.
$3.95 per person.  Add To Order
Mixed Wild Greens
Argula, leaf lettuce and radicchio with fresh pecans, strawberries, cucumber, mini tomatoes, red peppers and red onion.
$3.95 per person.  Add To Order
Classic Caesar
Crisp romaine, crumbled bacon, homemade croutons and shaved parm. Served with a creamy caesar dressing.
$3.75 per person.  Add To Order
Greek Salad
Leaf lettuce, plum tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, feta cheese and kalamalta olives served with Greek oregano dressing.
$3.75 per person.  Add To Order
Potato Salad
Russet potatoes, red and green onions, sliced boiled eggs and julienne carrots tossed in a delicious dill mayo.
$3.75 per person.  Add To Order
Pasta Salad
Fresh pasta with crisp seasonal veggies and topped with shaved parm, spices and a creamy italian dressing.
$3.50 per person  Add To Order
Broccoli Slaw
Broccoli Slaw with green onion, carrots, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds and cruchy asian noodles. Served with a homemade sweet vinagarette dressing
$3.75 per person  Add To Order
Tortellini Pesto Salad
NEW-Fresh Cheese Tortelli and cherry tomatoes topped with basil pesto and parmersan.
$3.95 ea  Add To Order
Sonoma Salad
Crisp leaf lettuce and greens, topped with crumbled feta. cucumber, homemade croutons, sweet red pepper strips, plum tomato, mixed nuts, sunflower seeds and raisins. Served with a citrus vinaigrette.
$3.75 per person  Add To Order
Southwest Salad
Crisp romaine and iceberg, topped with sweet red pepper, red onion, tomato, shredded cheddar, green onion and crispy tortilla strips. Served with fresh salsa and chipotle ranch dressing.
$3.50 per person  Add To Order
Layered Asian Salad
Red cabbage, crisp romaine. peapods. julienne carrots, green onion, roasted peanuts- served with a toasted sesame dressing. Minimum of 10
$3.75 per person  Add To Order
Mediterranean Fusilli Salad
Fresh basil, zucchini, feta, hearty beans and sundried tomatoes.
$3.75 per person  Add To Order
Cabbage Apple Slaw
Green and Red cabbage, granny smith apples. shredded carrots and crisp green onion.
$3.50 per person  Add To Order
Entrée sized salad- mixed greens topped with crisp seasonal veggies, crumbled bacon, ham, turkey. egg and shredded cheddar.
$7.95 per person  Add To Order
Entrée Size-Crisp romaine, bacon, egg, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese and topped with green onion. Served with ranch dressing.
$9.50 per person  Add To Order
Entrée Size- Our classic Caesar salad topped with grilled chicken breast.
$7.95 per person  Add To Order
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