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Crisp Vegetable
English cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, celery, carrots and mushrooms with a creamy veggie dip.
Small$28.50 serves 10-15  Add To Order
Medium$39.50 serves 15-25  Add To Order
Large$59.50 serves 25-40  Add To Order
Cheese and Fruit
A delicious assortment of imported and domestic cheese served with fresh seasonal fruit and a selection of crispy crackers and breads and garnished with fresh olives.
Small$36.50   Add To Order
Mediumserves 15-20$49.50   Add To Order
Largeserves 25-30$69.50   Add To Order
Sliced Seasonal Fruit
Smallserves 10-15$32.50   Add To Order
Mediumserves 15-20$45.50   Add To Order
Largeserves 25-30$59.50   Add To Order
Miniature Sandwiches
A selection of deli meats and salads, served on the freshest gourmet rolls and breads.
$4.25 per person  Add To Order
Antipasto Platter
Fresh Antipasto served with Genoa salami,, prosciutto, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, herbed mushrooms, roasted red peppers and olives served with an assortment of flat breads and rice crackers.
$3.75 per person.  Add To Order
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