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Combination Breakfasts
8-person minimum
Continental Breakfast
Freshly baked miniature muffins, croissants, fruit filled danish, loaf cakes, bagels, sliced seasonal fruit, orange juice and coffee or tea. Served with butter, cream cheese and preserves.
$8.95 per person.  Add To Order
Homemade breakfast pastry or bagel with cream cheese and preserves, orange juice and fresh coffee or tea.
$6.50 per person.  Add To Order
Hot Breakfast
Three Cheese and smoked ham Frittata- served with freshly baked croissants, fresh fruit salad, home-fries and crisp bacon. Served with juice and freshly brewed coffee
$14.50 per person.  Add To Order
Breakfast Wraps with salsa
Scrambled eggs with bacon , green pepper and red onion, topped with cheddar cheese and stuffed in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with fresh salsa, roasted potatoes, orange juice and fresh coffee or tea. Minimum of 10. 48 hrs notice required
$12.95 per person.  Add To Order
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